Xtreme Series The Defender

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The Defender was designed with large families in mind. While many of our steel bunkers and bomb shelters have the ability to protect a large number of people, this particular model is designed to not only house large groups but it has ample living space. With 5 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, this floor plan offers multiple private bedrooms or 5 separate rooms to fill with bunk beds. The open kitchen, dining and living area design allows for spacious living without sacrificing practicality. An over sized pantry assures you have adequate space to store foods you keep readily available and when the supply gets low you have an additional storage room located just around the corner.  Your utility room that houses your generator and batteries as well as your emergency escape hatch is also located near the extended storage.

This doomsday bunker comes with:
– 1 Complete NBC Air Filtration Unit connected to blast valves
– Generator Exhaust System,
– Fresh water inlets, high voltage inlets, secure doors, painted interior
– 150 Year Coating on the Exterior

Walking into The Defender through the standard security door, you will come to an open living area. The living room is massive and is also home to the NBC air filtration system. The adjoining kitchen and dining room is large enough to fit large tables to allowing everyone to enjoy meals together. The kitchen area has large counter top with a double sink and an alcohol burning stove. Walking down the hallway of The Defender, you will find an over sized pantry,  large bedrooms with walk-in closets and a large bathroom with sink, composting toilet and shower.  There is an access door joining the living room to an additional 20′ x 20′ unit that has additional bed rooms, bathroom with shower and a utility room containing an escape hatch.

This entire survival bunker is built to give you the feel of being above ground. From the double wide floor plan with large living room areas and additional storage to the separate bedroom design; the functionality of the space and the comfort of the occupants were the inspiration behind this spacious floor plan.

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