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WiseFire 1 Gallon 60 Cup Fuel Source

Have you ever tried to light a fire with wet kindling? Or in the rain? It ain't easy right?? And you're dang cold.

With WiseFire you can take a couple zip lock bags full of this awesome stuff with you. Whether you're out adventuring, the SHTF, or when you're ready for some intense warmth, light it on fire! Wind, rain... ain't no thang.

Simply light to enjoy hours of warmth! Good for emergencies, camping, backpacking... any adventure life will take you on! 

An ideal source of fuel for emergency preparedness and outdoor use:
Safe to store - 25 year shelf life and stores safely near food
Easy to light - Burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.
Burns “green” - Clean alternative with no harmful chemicals
Grab and go - Lightweight and simple to transport
• WiseFires’s leftover ash is a natural fertilizer - it nourishes the earth.
Nonvolatile - no risk for unexpected fires or flare-ups.
• Optimal fire starter that lights the first time.
• Store in a cool, dry place to retain longer shelf life and better results


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