VLF signals (kHz range) occur naturally and can be produced by lightning, solar flares, and aurora. They can also be man-made, emitting from smart meters, solar power inverters, dimmer switches, motors, and fluorescent lights.

Use this portable VLF band radio to listen to the natural sounds of the earth. Lightning, whistlers, tweaks and auroral chorus can be heard from more than 3200km on the built in speaker or by using the included ear buds. Sounds can be recorded directly to a computer for analysis or future playback. Perfect for creative listening, storm chasers, researchers and paranormal investigators. It’s like a buzz stick for dirty electricity as well.

A high quality audio chip set gives the best sound experience possible. The revolutionary loop antenna allows the unit to be truly portable for field work, or for instant listening pleasure in the home. Separate controls for receiver power and audio volume allow for optimal adjustment to any application. An audio output jack allows for the use of headphones, connection to a computer audio line-in or sophisticated recording devices such as oscilloscopes and data acquisition systems. For long term recording, an external power adapter connection is provided.

Covers 600 Hz to 35 kHz, very intuitive and extremely simple to use. Great for demonstrating the benefits of dirty electricity filters. There is nothing else like it!

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