VLF Magnetic Probe  5 kHz - 1 MHz

These passive magnetic field sensors output AC voltage corresponding to the AC magnetic field strength. The frequency of the AC output voltage is the same as the frequency of the magnetic field. Single-axis, so it responds to fields parallel to the sensor axis. The sensor orientation shows the magnetic field polarization. No battery or power supply is needed.

Connect to a display instrument (not included) such as AC voltmeter, oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer to display the output AC voltage and waveform information. These sensors have no minimum measurable field strength, so the sensitivity will depend on your display instrument. Maximum field: the sensor can be damaged above approximately 50 Volts output. Sensor includes operating instructions.

Frequency Range:
For 5 kHz - 1 MHz, the sensor output voltage is at least 70% of the magnetic field strength in Gauss (Volts/Gauss > 0.7). Sensors can also be used below this frequency range, but will have lower output voltage.

Calibration: Each individual sensor is tested and recorded to ensure NIST traceable accuracy. Individual calibration data table is delivered with each sensor.

Rectangular 1"x1"x0.8" and has a BNC (female) output connector on the case. Weighs only 1 oz (30 g).

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