Universal 20.7

The Mid Size Home Battery Backup
The Universal 20 has 20 kWh of lithium battery storage, a 5.5 kW inverter, charge controller, battery management system and LCD screen system monitoring. This big system has enough power to take a cabin completely off grid or power a residential homes essential loads for an extended period of time. The maximum solar PV (photovoltaic) input is 12,000w.

Off-Grid and On-Grid Ready
Lets face it, a battery system is useless if it doesn’t work when the grid fails. The Home Systems work on and/or off grid. You can now load shift, export to the grid and have a system that works when the power goes out. Single application energy storage systems are a thing of the past. The Humless solutions do everything you might need out of a ESS (Energy Storage System).

The Universal 20 system is built to order. Typical turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks.

The Home Battery Backup 
The Universal 20 is the middle size in our Universal line. This system features 20 kWh’s of lithium battery storage, 7 kVA (5.5 kW) premium inverter, remote monitoring and is stackable. This system breaks into larger energy storage. At 20 kWh, the Universal 20 is able to power your homes essential loads for several days. If paired with solar and/or a generator, the system will store and provide a nearly endless power supply.

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