Universal 10.4

The Home Battery Backup Power 

Because life is unpredictable, it is essential that you have a solar battery backup system for your home. Allowing you to stay as far on or off the grid as you’d like, a home solar battery system needs a great home battery backup system.

The Universal 10 is the smallest home battery backup power source in our Universal line. This unit is perfect for small homes and essential loads. This home solar battery system features 10 kWh’s of lithium battery storage, 3.4 kW premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable. This system is an excellent power backup for home essential loads like lights, freezer, refrigerator, and outlets. A home battery backup system like the Universal 10.4 is essential for solar-powered homes and good home battery systems and gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are in good hands.

Even if your solar journey didn’t start with Humless, you can still enjoy our home battery systems and home battery backup power systems in your home. The Universal 10.4 can be retrofit to other solar power systems. Have specific retrofitting questions? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with a solar expert.

Off-Grid and On-Grid Ready

Let’s face it, a battery system is useless if it doesn’t work when the grid fails. Home battery backup power is a must if you want to still have access to your battery system when the grid goes down. Our Home Systems work perfectly on and/or off the grid. You can now load shift, export to the grid, and have a system that works when the power goes out. Our power backup for the home gives you peace of mind and control when your neighbors may find themselves searching for candles and blankets. Single application energy storage systems are a thing of the past. The Humless solutions do everything you might need out of an ESS (Energy Storage System).

The Universal 10 system is built to order. Typical turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Buy a Universal 10.4 today.

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