Everlasting Salsa Heirloom Seeds

Let's face it... most humans could live off salsa. And if the SHTF, I'm okay with that.

This bountiful bucket contains enough seeds to can your own salsa and make some poppers too.

These 11 large seed packets contain ultra high-quality seeds that are non-hybrid and open pollinated varieties so you can regrow from the harvested seeds year after year!

Each of our Seeds varieties comes with a Quick Start Growing Guide! Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection. Complete planting instructions included. 

Varieties Included: 

• PEPPER, Yolo Wonder L - 705 Seeds
• PEPPER, Yellow Wax -705 Seeds
• PEPPER, Jalapeno Early - 705 Seeds
• PEPPER, California Wonder - 705 Seeds
• ONION, Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish - 1411 Seeds
• ONION, Tokyo Long White Bunching - 1411 Seeds
• CILANTRO, Slow Bolting - 529 Seeds
• TOMATO, Beefsteak - 1764 Seeds
• TOMATO, Rutgers VF - 1764 Seeds
• TOMATILLO, Grande Rio Verde - 1764 Seeds

11 seed packets sealed in a Mini-Ropak Bucket. Plants a large salsa garden! Will keep up to 4 years if stored at 66 to 70 degrees and much longer if kept colder. All Non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties Harvested seeds can be planted year after year Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection. Complete planting and harvesting instructions included.

Q. There are 9 growing zones in the country, will these seeds grow in my zone?
A. Growing zones are for perennials (ie plants that you only plant once and come back every year). Garden plants are all annuals and therefore zones don't apply. For annuals, you make zonal adjustments by when you plant, for example, you would plant in Arizona before you would plant in Michigan.

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