RF Kill Box™

Shielding So Good That Your Phone Won’t Ring

Most cellphone shielding products are designed to reduce radiation to the user while still allowing the phone to function. This means that some radiation can still get to the phone… and some radiation can still get out of the phone! But sometimes you need to completely kill the signal. The RF Kill Box is a full-metal shielding jacket with very high shielding performance.

You probably know that different phones have differing signal quality… depending on your carrier, your location, and your phone model. A strong signal is harder to kill. In our tests, 99% of the phones we tested would not function when in the Kill Box under any circumstances.

The metal slip on cover is quick and easy to use and provides a good seal. Inside diameter is 95mm (3 3/4”) and the height is 170 mm (6 5/8”). Large enough to hold most phones, but check your dimensions.

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