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This meters meets all TCO requirements for AC Electric and Magnetic Field measurements. Tremendous sensitivity and highly linear over 4 selectable frequency ranges which allows for determination of ELF compared to VLF readings, ultra-low frequencies down to 5 Hz, and a special filter for 16 Hz typically associated with electric trains. Includes both an AC voltage output (to analyze frequency information or use a headset to hear the corresponding audio frequencies) and a DC output (for long term monitoring with a recording device), Geiger counter style audio output, auto power off, and integrated battery check.

Single axis
3½ digit LCD display. Power consumption: 15-20 mA.
Includes 8 hour rechargeable 9V battery, AC power supply/charger, and ground cord.
Manual in English and German. 2 year warranty. Model ME3851A.

AC Magnetic
AC Electric
Range 1:
0-200 nT (2 mG)
0-200 V/m
Resolution 1:
0.1 nT (0.001 mG)
0.1 V/m
Range 2:
0-2000 nT (20 mG)
0-2000 V/m
Resolution 2:
1 nT (0.01 mG)
1 V/m
What is unique about this meter?
digital readout E & M, extremely high accuracy & sensitivity, toggle frequency range, AC/DC voltage output, sound
Frequency range settings:
  • 5 Hz – 100 kHz (full bandwidth)
  • 16 Hz (electric trains)
  • 50 Hz – 100 kHz (ELF + VLF)
  • 2 kHz – 100 kHz (VLF only)

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