MicroTesla Meter

Versatile and Great Value

MicroTesla EMF Meter

When your main concern is price, this meter fits the bill. Large backlit display is easy on the eyes and displays both electric field and magnetic field readings simultaneously. Makes quick work of checking for emissions from powerlines, household wiring, appliances, and anywhere that electricity is flowing. But there’s more: in addition to the field strength number, you get a visual and sound indication (alarm) when the field detected exceeds the pre-set “danger” threshold of 40V/m or 0.4μT (4 mG). This is a very handy feature when sweeping a large area or monitoring emissions over long periods. And you can’t beat the price!

Additional features:

  • Single Axis
  • Simultaneous readout of electric field in V/m and magnetic field in μT
  • Range 1-1999 V/m, 0.01-19.99 μT (=1-1999mG)
  • Frequency weighted
  • Preset audio alarms: 40V/m or 0.4μT (=4 mG)
  • HOLD feature locks display for easier reading
  • Switchable Average vs. Peak modes
  • Backlight
  • No accuracy specification
  • Covers ELF and VLF frequencies
  • Modestly priced. Very simple to operate
  • Display and instructions in English. Requires one 9V battery
What is unique about this meter? magnetic and electric field in one meter, super low cost, backlite, alarm

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