"Heat and Radiation Attenuating Pad for Laptops" With Added RF Shield

Laptops emit a high magnetic field from the base and annoying heat. HARApad is designed to act as a shield between magnetic field radiation source and the part of your body below the shield. Two layers of high-tech radiation shielding material incorporated into the pad contains the field and reduces heat by increasing dissipation to the environment and away from your body and the laptop. Just place the HARApad under the laptop. Durable, rigid polymer surface acts as a stable platform and fits both 15.4" and 17" laptops.

Amazing high level of performance: HARApad reduces RF and magnetic fields more than 80%! Attractive two tone: black on one side, gray on the other. Easy to transport with the laptop. A tidy 14.5 x 11 inches. Weighs only 28 ounces. Made in USA.


HARApad shielding performance on a typical laptop,
magnetic field readings below the laptop
Distance from bottom of laptop Laptop without HARApad Laptop with HARApad % reduction*
At ½ inch 30 mG 6 mG 85%
At 1 inch 15 mG 5 mG 66%
At 3 inch 6 mG 4 mG 33%
*with 0 mG background, testing done with frequency weighted 3-axis meter

Real Food. Real Life. video about the HARApad

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