Palm Sized EMF Meter with Big Features Handy Meterr

Who wants a multi-function meter that is about as big as your ear and can do all this?...

   - Measure Magnetic field, Electric field, and Radiowaves
   - Indicates field strength with 9 LEDs (green, yellow, red)
   - Has sound (which can be turned off)
   - Has a built in rechargeable battery (good for 8-10 hours per charge)
   - Connects to a computer to download data (free software download)
   - Costs only $159.95!

Handy Meterr This meter will measure radiofrequencies from cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless/cordless transmitters, as well as low frequency magnetic and electric fields from power lines, circuit boxes, lighting and appliances. Totally simple to use, very discrete, and light as a feather. Keep it anywhere: purse, pocket, dashboard, glove box or on the night stand. Single axis. 1 year limited warranty. Includes special USB cable. Model ENV RD-10

   - RF Frequency range: 100MHz to 8GHz (.0005 – 100 mW/m²)
   - LF-Magnetic: 50Hz to 10KHz (0 - 20 mG).
   - E-field bandwidth of 50Hz-10KHz (2 - 1000 V/m).
   - Sampling rate: 20,000/sec.
   - Small, compact handheld design, 69mm x 110mm.
   - Rechargeable LiPo battery.
   - USB connection for a PC logging software and constant power supply. Possible to save the data to Excel for analyzing. Can even log to your Android phone.

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