Go Mini Solar Kit- Small Generators and Solar Panels

The Humless .64 kWh solar kit is the best way to get the most out of your power system. The bundle includes 2 foldable 130 watt solar panels, .64 kWh power system and the plug-and-play connecting cable.

It started out as a mission to create insanely reliable clean energy. Now, Humless has given every person, no matter their lifestyle, access on- and off-grid to stackable, clean energy for their homes.

Small Generator with Small Solar Panels

And this production extends into our more mobile products as well. The Go Mini Solar Kit comes with a small generator and small solar panels with plug-and-play simplicity.

Two foldable 130-watt solar panels help produce clean energy for the small generator. Once charged, all you have to do is plug in your devices and you’re set. A full charge can keep your fridge running for at least three hours, and your laptop for over twelve hours, as well as all your mobile devices.

Did we mention it’s small? Not only does this store away in your closet without taking up much space, but it’s great to take with you. If you’re someone who wants to spend time outdoors but you’re not ready to give up all your technology, the Go Mini Solar Kit is perfect for you.

The small generator and two small solar panels hardly take up any space in your vehicle. We’ve even designed the set to look aesthetically pleasing as well.

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