Go Mini .64 – Our Lightweight Solar Changer

The .64 is our lightest energy storage system. It’s the perfect size to travel with or store in tight spaces. This is a great option for light energy users.

f you’re someone who spends a lot of time camping, in campers, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you need something that can help give you power. More than that, you need something that isn’t going to take up a huge chunk of space in the trunk of the car.

Humless has the answer. Our Go Mini .64 lightweight, solar charger is our lightest storage system yet. But, don’t let the size fool you. This is one powerful device that can power so much of what you have.

Exactly how powerful is it? Here’s what you can expect when you purchase the 640 Wh ultralight backpacking solar charger:

  • It has a wall charge time of 4+ hours and a solar charge time of 6+ hours.
  • It can charge more than eight laptops, depending on the size of the laptop battery.
  • This size of a battery also translates to almost a week of charging for 10 mobile devices.
  • You’ll get roughly 12 hours of charge time for a full-sized refrigerator.


We aren’t kidding around when it comes to giving you the best in lightweight solar chargers. Charging your phone is as simple as plugging in the USB cord and letting the Go Mini .64 do all the work.

The device is only 35 pounds and comes with a shoulder strap for easy transfer between points. This is our answer for light to medium energy users. The ultralight backpacking solar charger is perfect for those long camping trips with the family. We know not everyone can be without their phones, off the grid, for a whole weekend. When the power runs out, become a hero and break out our portable charger.

But we go further than just people looking for power outdoors.

If you find yourself without power for a few hours, if your Go Mini .64 is charged, you can keep your food cold or power your mobile devices so people can get in contact with you.

There are many uses for our lightweight solar charger. What will yours be?

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