True-RMS 3 Axis AC Gaussmeter with all the features you could want. A real technological breakthrough.


Axis Range Resolution Frequency Accuracy
3 0-250 mG
0-25.0 microT
0.01 mG
0.1 microT
15-5500 Hz ±½dB 30 to 5000 Hz
What is unique about this meter? Backlit, peak/hold function, toggle mG/microT, toggle all axes


  • Flat frequency response:
      ±½dB 30 to 5000 Hz
      -3dB 15 to 5500 Hz
  • Selectable axis (3D, X, Y, Z) on ALL features
  • Peak Axis (which axis has the strongest field)
  • On-Screen Graphing (Horizontal bargraph of field strength)
  • Max Hold
  • Variable Brightness Blue LED Backlight
  • Selectable units: milliGauss or microTesla
  • Fast Update Rate: 2.5 times per second
  • Low battery indicator
Alkaline battery (included) typically lasts ~15 hours at default backlight setting. Suitable for general purpose magnetic field readings, and great for paranormal work as well. Lowest price for a 3 axis digital gaussmeter! 1 year wty. Made in USA.

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