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ProOne® G1.0 Filter Element Pair

Looking for a replacement filter for your competitive brand of gravity water filter system? If removing fluoride is not a concern, the new ProOne® G1.0 filter may be your best choice. The ProOne® G1.0 filter element consists of a silver infused outer ceramic shell to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and removes up to 99.9999% of E.coli, bacteria and Cysts. The core consists of a proprietary blend of GAC (granular activated carbon) which helps remove and/or reduce contaminants including many heavy metals, VOC’s, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and herbicides without the expense of any additional add-on filters. The GAC holds certifications including ANSI/NSF-61, AWWA B604-96, EN12915. Reductions may range from 50-95% depending the chemistry of the particular water source. Results may vary. The ProOne® G1.0 is available in a 2.75” x 9” size and requires NO PRIMING… 
Only Propur® can make this statement: The ProOne® G1.0 and G2.0 series filters are made using 100% renewable energy. We are responsible to the environment. No other gravity filter manufacturer can make this claim.

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