RF Counter & Field Strength

Want to know the frequency of RF sources? Here’s a handy unit that’s priced right. The Broadcast Frequency Counter is an excellent economical choice for 2 big reasons: it offers both a frequency counter and bargraph type field strength meter. 7 digit display gives plenty of information about the predominant incoming frequency and the very low (<5 mV) nominal input sensitivity provides stable readings even with smaller injected signals. Covers the entire frequency range of 30 MHz - 2.8 GHz for digital, on/off keying, and analog signals. Telescoping antenna included, but this 50 ohm input unit can also be attached to other antennas or line with BNC connector (maximum input is 15 dBm). Powered by 9 VDC wall plug adapter/charger (included) or 5-hour built-in NiCd battery. 1 yr mfr wty.

Note: The sensitivity for broadcast signals is low. In other words, the broadcast signal must be quite strong to register on the bargraph.

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